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for your daily dose of lee jaejin, the cutest bassist everrrrr (:

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lee jae jin a day community

the bassist

Welcome to Jaejin-a-day, a community where you get your daily fix of FT Island's adorable bassist, Lee Jaejin. ♥ Inspired by theresa-lynne's a-day communities. Join?

English Name Lee Jae Jin
Korean Name 이재진
Chinese Name 李在錦
Nickname JaJini (자진이)
Position in FT Island Bassist
Birthday December 17th 1991
Height 177cm
Weight 56kg
Blood Type A
School Seon Yoo High School
Hobbies Internet Searchs, Questions(like about music or asking questions to a music specialist)
Family Members Parents, Older Sister and JaeJin
Special Skills Playing bass and listening to "old" music
Charm Point Lips
What I like Money, Eating and Music
Motto "Do well the works that are for me!"
Message For My Future Love Saranghaeng! "I love you!"

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